LockedPay: passive income redefined

Purchase LockedPay tokens

In order to take part in the LockedPay Ecosystem all you have to do is purchase $LCKDPAY tokens.

Hold to Earn

Your purchased tokens are automatically staked at a Daily interest rate of 2.35%. No need to interact with our dApp!

Take profit

Sell the tokens you receive for free for just holding LockedPay, and take your profit daily.

Below we will explain How you can turn a $210 initial investment into 1 Million dollars in only 1 year

Staking Protocol

LockedPay uses a unique staking protocol where you don’t have to interact with a Web3 dApp to stake your tokens. You automatically receive your LockedPay yield in your wallet, without having to go through a claiming process, saving you time and gas fees.
LockedPay allows investments of any size, to an open market.

Dump Prevention Protocol

LockedPays DPP creates a healthy protocol that allows holders of LockedPay tokens to only sell a tiny portion of their tokens per day based on the size of their holding, to prevent large dumps or whale games. This also allows for a healthy growth of the LockedPay chart, which in turn will attract investors of all sizes.

Investment Protection

Our unique Dump Prevention Protocol also protects your investment from losing a lot of value overnight. With high liquidity compared to the market cap and a small daily amount of tokens to be sold, your daily yield can be sold at a healthy price, allowing for growth and success for your investment.

ʻʻLockedPay's DPP Protocol is probably the safest way to earn passive income in DeFi"

Investors in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Traditional Finance (TradFi) have looked at the LockedPay protocol and classify the LockedPay ecosystem one of crypto’s most innovative passive income options by redefining DeFi.


Fixed Yield for a 365 day period

LockedPay is your way to a secure financial future through the automatically compounding yield on your LockedPay tokens.

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4

Who doesn’t love interest? You can sell your daily yield to take your initials and profit, or you can hold your tokens for Maximum Compound Impact. Through our high liquidity, selling tokens will barely impact price action, thus attracting new investors that help drive up the price of LockedPay, all while creating a beautiful green chart.

Earn passive income

Limited daily sells protect your investment

One of the largest worries investors have when choosing for a cryptocurreny is whether early investors might suddenly exit, creating a massive price dump. DPP protects your investment from that possibility.

A new standard to passive income

By only allowing a small portion of holdings to be sold daily, each investor has an equal opportunity to choose whether they just want to compound their interest, or whether they want to sell their yield.

LockedPay: insurance and treasury

Through the LockedPay Insurance Mechanism (LIM) and LockedPay Treasury, LockedPay creates a safeguard to be able to do buybacks, invest in other safe protocols and return the yield to the LockedPay community, and for international and local marketing purposes.

LockedPay's VolumeBurn Mechanism

To counteract the inflation through the daily yield, LockedPay has a unique VolumeBurn Mechanism that burns 3.5% of tokens from each transaction, to keep the token amount as stable as possible, creating even more value for holders of LockedPay.

Redefining passive income with DeFi

Our goal was to create a sustainable model where investors can park their money without having to worry about massive price jumps. There is nothing more calming than knowing that you can invest money without having to continuously check the chart to see if your money is still safe.

With LockedPay you now have that solution. We can assure you that we have built a safe and revolutionary way of protecting investors funds, by maintaining a healthy chart with Token Economics (see next section) that will support the chart, the Treasury and LockedPay investors.

LockedPay Token Economics to create a sustainable model for  your investment

Buy Tax

12% total Buy Tax
1% LP tax
6% Insurance Fund
5% Treasury

Sell Tax

14% total Sell Tax
1% LP tax
7% Insurance Fund
6% Treasury